Vacel Leather specialises in the manufacturing of kangaroo leathers.  We manufacture “Eco-Tech” leathers in both athletic and lifestyle and continue to set new standards in supply chain management, innovation, pricing and quality.  
Our entire focus is on providing solutions to our customers’ leather needs and is achieved through systems and processes that reduce non value adding, whilst increasing both the company’s flexibility and responsiveness.  
The Vacel brand has been supplying some of the world’s most successful brands for more than 30 years.  Vacel Leather continues to prove that using real leather can still be affordable.
Major leather and skin traders focus on short term (unsustainable) individual profits rather than a co-operative supply chain system. Vacel, however, believes in trading relationships that deliver long term, sustainable, profitable trading to all supply chain partners.
The standards set by Vacel for “fit for purpose” value for money products, raw material utilisation, responsiveness and manufacturing lead times are now world’s best practices.  With over 100 years of experience in our technical and manufacturing team you can be reassured of our expertise and long term commitment.