Vacel Leather has a strong commitment to consistently providing safe leathers that have been individually specified to your needs.  Our rigorous processes of measures and checking of products against specifications ensures correct outcomes for each delivery.
Using our successful development system, Vacel Leather will sample products to meet your specifications and then actually continue to produce leather with the same specifications for each manufacturing run.  You won’t find us producing special sample quantities specifically for testing and/or approval.  All products, whether sign-off samples or  bulk production is produced with the same integrity - what about your present supplier?  Our laboratory boasts an array of technical apparatus that delivers performance results across a wide range of requirements and our attention to specification detail means we continue to make the world’s strongest, lightweight leathers.
Ask us to help with your next leather development and see for yourself!
 Vacel Leather will work with you to achieve the correct balance of specification, quality, price and delivery, which will allow you to utilise leather more efficiently.